Saturday, December 31, 2011



I've decided to bring back as much of the classics of Online Kefira as I can get my filthy little hands on. That which I have brought back is not complete. Many of the links, especially any blog-referential links, do not work. Many of the discussions that followed in the comments section are lost or too tedious to resurrect. I thought I'd post this stuff as I put it together so please be patient. I hope to have everything I can ressurect up over the course of the next few weeks.

Please enjoy.

Suggestions? Comments? Questions?

UPDATE 11-26-08:

Godol Hador is complete and is posted in monthly subsections.

Mis-Nagid is is posted in monthly subsections.

There are labels by blog name.

UPDATE 12-02-08

Existential Angst has been started. Dec. '07 - Aug. '08 is now available.

Update 12-13-08

Existential Angst is available from Aug. 07. The first result for the google search "Who is the godol hador in our generation?" is this blog. 

Email me @ classikefira_at_hush_dot_com